Delivery of m/v TENACE

As planned more than 2 years ago, TGE Shipyard based in Tuzla, has delivered to the Owners the new-building NB043.

Godmother of christening and delivery ceremony of the new general cargo vessel – which has been named TENACE – was Mrs Barbara Cadei, commercial manager of Navimar SA, whose emotion has been shared with all people attending to it.

Navimar’s staff felt and experienced the ceremony in a particular manner due to the fact that it concludes – for the time being – its activity carried out during the past three years in Turkey mainly at TGE Shipyard owned by Uner family.

As a proof of the quality of the interpersonal relation grown up during construction period, a few days after delivery, Navimar SA personnel expressed its thanks to the shipyard workers by organizing a party for them only, on board m/v Tenace.

During the event it has been reaffirmed by both teams the general good omen to repeat in a near future such an exciting experience, just concluded.